The Turkish Journal of Pediatrics 2012 , Vol 54 , Num 3
Mediastinal Hodgkin Lymphoma Arising from Cystic Lymphangioma: Case Report in a Child
1Division of Pediatric Oncology, Department of Pediatrics and Departments of 2Pathology and 3Radiology, Kocaeli University Faculty of Medicine, Kocaeli, Turkey Mediastinal disease is a frequent clinical presentation in children with Hodgkin lymphoma. It is usually due to mediastinal lymphadenopathy or involvement of the thymus gland. Cystic lymphangiomas are benign tumors of the lymphatic system, and less than 1% present as a solitary mediastinal mass. To our knowledge, there has been no report in the literature describing Hodgkin lymphoma arising from cystic lymphangioma. In this report, we describe a patient with mediastinal cystic lymphangioma, from which Hodgkin lymphoma was determined to have arisen. Keywords : Hodgkin lymphoma, cystic lymphangioma, mediastinum, child.
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