The Turkish Journal of Pediatrics 2021 , Vol 63 , Num 3
Enthesitis: an obscured extraintestinal manifestation in pediatric inflammatory bowel disease.

Pediatric hospital healthcare workers and pertussis; a seroprevalence study.

Children with cervical lymphadenopathy: reactive or not?.

Healthcare workers` knowledge level regarding anaphylaxis and usage of epinephrine auto-injectors.

Seroprevalence of Anti- N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor antibodies in children with seizures of unknown cause.

Using lactate dehydrogenase to predict the severity of respiratory distress in term newborn infants with no perinatal asphyxia.

Evaluation of serum/salivary levels of carnosine and cotinine in recurrent wheezing of young children with passive smoking.

Clinical and demographic characteristics of childhood neuro-ophthalmology diseases at a tertiary eye care center.

Relationship between tumor viability during treatment and the clinical outcomes of patients with bladder/prostate rhabdomyosarcoma: a single-center experience.

The comparison and diagnostic accuracy of different types of thermometers.

Oral health status in children with familial Mediterranean fever.

Early-auditory intervention in children with hearing loss and neurodevelopmental outcomes: cognitive, motor and language development.

Interaction of functional gastrointestinal disorders with postpartum conditions related to mother and baby.

Tracking postural stability of children and adolescents after a concussion: sport-related versus non-sport-related concussion.

Can early hyperglycemia affect the morbidity/mortality of very low birth weight premature infants?.

Neonatal diabetes mellitus due to a new KCNJ11 mutation - 10 years of the patient`s follow-up.

A rare case of juvenile amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Sertoli-Leydig cell tumor, thyroid follicular carcinoma and rhabdomyosarcoma of the uterine cervix in a prepubertal girl with pathogenic germline variant in DICER1 gene.

Anaphylaxis to levetiracetam in an adolescent: a very rare occurence.

Infantile tremor syndrome secondary to peroral vitamin B12 replacement therapy: a report of two cases with myoclonus.

Mild encephalopathy with reversible extensive white matter lesions in a child with acute adenoviral infection and a literature review.

A case report of intracranial hypertension and aseptic meningitis: anti-tumor necrosis factor associated or juvenile idiopathic arthritis related.

Vogt Koyanagi Harada syndrome in a 15-year-old girl, steroids side effects and recurrences.

The role of culture on parenting boys as a potential risk factor in the development of male eating disorders during adolescence in Turkey.

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