The Turkish Journal of Pediatrics 2021 , Vol 63 , Num 2
Assesment of obesogenic factors in school-age children.

Aspirin-induced hepatotoxicity and anemia in children with acute rheumatic fever.

Upward trend in the frequency of community-acquired methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus as a cause of pediatric skin and soft tissue infections over five years: a cross-sectional study.

Altered gut microbiota is associated with feeding intolerance in preterm infants.

Burkholderia cepacia complex bacteremia outbreaks among non-cystic fibrosis patients in the pediatric unit of a university hospital.

The functional health status of children with cerebral palsy during the COVID-19 pandemic stay-at-home period: a parental perspective.

An examination of the characteristics of mothers neglecting their children.

Thrombin generation in children with febrile neutropenia.

Transient positivity of anti-tissue transglutaminase IgA autoantibody in febrile children: a case-control study.

The relationship between particulate matter and childhood respiratory complaints and peak expiratory flows in Harran agricultural area.

The assesment of prothrombotic potential using thrombin generation assay in pediatric patients with nephrotic syndrome: preliminary study.

How effective is family counselling on screen exposure of pre-school children?.

Demographic, ocular and associated neurological findings in corpus callosum malformations.

Evaluation of ultrasonographic optic nerve sheath diameter and central retinal artery Doppler indices by point-of-care ultrasound in pediatric patients with increased intracranial pressure.

Is there a relationship between joint hypermobility and gastrointestinal disorders in children?.

Brown Vialetto Van Laere syndrome: presenting with left ventricular non-compaction and mimicking mitochondrial disorders.

Rare presentation of levamisole-induced leukoencephalopathy in a pediatric patient: seizure.

Unexpected condition in a rare disease: encephalopathy in early-onset sarcoidosis.

The role of plasma exchange in acute liver failure of autoimmune etiology.

Case report: early onset narcolepsy initially misdiagnosed as obstructive sleep apnea syndrome.

Infantile systemic lupus erythematous presenting as nephrotic syndrome in a 12-month-old boy: a case report.

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